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No spoilers just reaction.


I have MAD LOVE for Jensen Ackles.

The next two episodes + hiatus may kill me.
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When you see this on your flist, make a post and quote Supernatural

"What kind of person doesn't keep salt in their house? Low sodium freaks."

[ profile] slodwick stole one of the best ones.

Bonus Quote!

"Dean, are you humming *Metallica*?"
"It calms me down."
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I walked out to the mailbox three times today before I realized that it's SUNDAY and I'm a friggin idiot.

Watched In My Time of Dying twice today and spoilery flailing )

I'm downloading No Exit at the moment.

Excuse me, I have to put my mother to bed now.
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Obviously I needed to pace myself with the Supernatural episodes. I've watched the episodes, deleted scenes, eps with commentary, and just stared at the montage on the title page for awhile.

Move *faster* Netflix/postal service!

I've filled my iTunes cart with with all the season two episodes I haven't seen, (no season one? WTF?) and am procrastinating hitting buy because it's almost $10 for 5 episodes.

So SPN fen, I call on you for help. Below are the season two episodes I haven't seen yet. Which ones are the best/most important, which ones do I *need* to see?

[Poll #934440]

Or, save me the money and rec some fic.

Abrupt subject change;

This guy (his tag said 'Sergeant Joe Brown' I'm pretty sure he's one of our neighbors' menagerie) wandered into the garage while I was typing/smashing ceramics and walked around like he owned the place, wandered out and around the yard and back in a few times, jingling the whole way. (At one point I considered being mean and letting my cat outside to defend her territory, thus scarring poor young Joe Brown for -well, a few days, maybe a week. He didn't strike me as the most intelligent kitty.)


Feb. 23rd, 2007 12:00 am
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Season one disk one of Supernatural in dvd player!

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