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This is basically little snippets pieced together. It doesn't really count for WiP Amnesty, because I WILL finnish this.

A kind of sequel/companion piece to Strength

Cassie has more to say, I just haven't listened recently.

Strength 2 )
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More 'Heroes 2' fallout.

The gang ships Cassie off to Sanity Camp

This was supposed to be my Smallville Swing response, but I just couldn't get it going past that. I'm finally getting other ideas.

Sanity Camp )

More Cassie-fic in the next post.
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Most of these got benched because I was writing Joan as a tad too mature and at peace with her 'mission'. I may attempt to rework 'Prayer' and 'Silence' someday.

Snippet 1: 'Prayer'

Joan thinks about prayer and her mission )

Snippet 2: 'Silence'

Silence, from God's PoV )

Untitled mini-snippets (sentences, really):

Joan and Grace discuss Iris )

Grace just doesn't *get* this. Takes place after 'State of Grace' )

I think that's all I've got on th Joa front.
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This has been stuck in the back of a notebook written on a piece of paper, for *years*.

I couldn't find a beginning, it has no plot, all I have is the one mini-chapter, and the first sentence of the next.

So here it is, a Farscape/Due South crossover, set in the first season of Farscape (pre 'A Bugs Life'), and the part of Due South with the first Ray.

Craziness )

Well, that's it.

And no, I have no explaination.

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