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Probable TMI. Hives, needles, and ER's, oh my! )

For those of you that don't want to read the above, I'm including some Farscape quotes. Enjoy!

"Paper beats rock."
"Rock rips through paper."
"D'Argo, paper beats rock!"
"That's unrealistic!"
"Well, that's the rules! It's not supposed to be realistic, it's supposed to be entertaining."
"My coma was more entertaining." - John and D'Argo re: rock papper scisors

"Wonder if I've got any grenades left?"
"She's kidding, right? Tell me that she was kidding."
"Well, with Aeryn... you never know." - Aeryn, Chiana, and John

"Be nice."
"I'm not good at nice."
"Just don't shoot her." - John and Aeryn

"Lately, do I seem a little-- crazy, to you?"
"What do you mean lately?" - John and Aeryn

John: Sooner or later, one of us is going to have to find a bathroom.
D'Argo: [laughs hugely, then stops] I wish you hadn't said that.

"I'm not Steve McQueen, I wasn't trying to escape. I thought someone was throwing me off a cliff. I live in a strange universe. Things like that are fairly normal." - John

John: D, we may have to stick Granny in a home.
D'Argo: I think we should burn her.
John: You burn your old folks?
D'Argo: No, just... sounded like a good idea.

D'Argo: Burning is too good for her.

Noranti: And they'll keep shooting at us until we die, so let me mediate!
D'Argo: You know, maybe we should let her try.
John: ...Aw, she's gonna get shot.
D'Argo: And that would be bad?

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