Mar. 5th, 2007 12:30 pm
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Zigglesnort 'Ziggle' Marcy Beaumont
198? - March 05, 2007

We had the cat put to sleep today. Less than an hour ago.

We took her into the vet because of, on top of not bouncing back from the sedative we have to give her to take her to the groomers, wasn't eating or drinking, hadn't pooped or peed in almost 24 hours, was squating and straining, and threw up bile last night.

She's to tiny (in the thin and scrawny sense) she looked like a living skeleton. She weighed three pounds, twelve ounces.
sanitylapse: (Ziggle kitty)
I'm on a new crack high.

Said crack? House.

Mom joined a tv dvd club a while back and they send certain things automatically if you forget to cancel them. Yesterday, House showed up, and I am in love.

The snark, the- I don't know, he's such an *ass* and I love it!

cut for throat slashing )

In other news, I'm on the desktop because my laptop isn't picking up a wireless signal. Also the keyboard isn't registering strokes on keys 4, R, F, and sometimes V. Which is really difficult. Especially when typing 'firefly'.

Finally, I almost killed the cat this morning. I *wanted* to. It was like she was super caffinated.

'Let me out!'
'Wait, I forgot-'
'I don't have food!'
'Oh, I'm not hungry. Let me out!'
'Let me in! Let me in! OMG Let Me In!'
'Pet me! Pay attention to me!'

Then she proceeded to twitch at every. little. noise.

Or maybe I should take my pills.

ETA: ljs spellcheck doesn't recognize 'caffinated'. Or 'spellcheck'.

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