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2010-07-14 07:49 pm

Bet you weren't expecting to see me huh?

I'm posting because I don't want my journal to be deleted. I'm almost ready to do an actual post!

I'm bouncing between computers and the kitchen (gluten free pizza in the oven)...

Oh, LJ, what happened to you?
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2009-07-11 01:11 am
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Hi! I'm back. To talk about Torchwood. And me.

My first post in almost a year, flailng over Torchwood. Children of Earth part 5. Cut for SPOILERS, of course.

No seriously, Only the Spoiled May Enter )

Click here to avoid spoilers )
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2008-09-16 10:08 am

Happy Birthday to me!

Wow, it really is my birthday!

In the mail today, I got my shirt from Threadless, some Doctor Who (old school) from Netflix, and a happy birthday postcard worth a free treatment at the chiropractor!

Later, I'm going to lunch with Mom and Grandma at an awesome Japanese restaurant.

Ack, I need to go shower, bye!
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2008-09-11 01:25 am
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Sometimes we forget

My Mom forwarded this to me, and I thought it was something that should be shared.
Why Women Should Vote )

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2008-08-13 06:04 pm

Trying out this text thing

I'm using Twitter more than LJ now, account name is vonnie_be

I miss my kitty.

I'm gonna go take my Xannax now.
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2008-07-16 04:02 pm

:eyebrow: Uh, TW3, You guys are on this right?

Uh-oh, looks like something's been slipping through the rift. Flesh-Eating Slug Found In Wales

Fortunately, the article (and the scientists giving their information) say they only eat earthworms with their "blade-like teeth" for slicing through flesh and can measure up to 5 inches (13 centimeters) long when stalking its prey"

"The so-called ghost slug ... first appeared in South Wales gardens in 2006, possibly after arriving as a stowaway in imported potted plants"

They are nocturnal, and it's white color and lack of eyes, suggests evolution in near or complete darkness. It's scientific name, Selenochlamys ysbryda; "ysbryd" is the Welsh word for "ghost."

"The slug's origins remain a mystery, but the study team speculates that it may be native to deep caves found in Georgia, Armenia, or Turkey."

Georgia, Armenia or Turkey?

Sure Ianto, sure.
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2008-07-01 01:13 pm
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Don S. Davis died.

He was 65.

I wish I had read that after taking my pills, now I'm all depressed. Massive heart attack. 10 years older than my mom. Tim Russert was 58.

And they both had heart trouble, so I need to put on some happy music and chill the fuck out.

Rest in peace Don, you're leaving a giant hole, and not just in the Gate-verse.

Now playing: Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
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2008-06-23 07:02 pm
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2008-05-30 04:03 pm

Prezzies! (From me to me via

Last night I meant to check where my package was, but I was so tired I kept forgetting why I was on the internet.

So when I got up this morning (it was technically still morning) I decided to check for the package outside before checking online.

And there was a box by the gate!

I squeed, I actually squeed and ran out to the box.

I now have season 2 of Bones, John Barrowman's Autobiography, and Things I Learned About My Dad (In Therapy).

I've been watching Bones for hours, and I probably will be most of the day! (I started with the extras then 'Aliens In A Spaceship', one of my favorite episodes)
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2008-05-15 04:23 pm

OMG! Yay!!

California's Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage!!

It's about frickin' time

I need to finish uploading my icons, so I'll have a more appropriate icon. (Not that 'Yippie!' isn't appropriate)
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2008-04-04 05:02 pm
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OMG Countdown!

Rachel Maddow is hosting Countdown today!

And Kieth was trying to be coy yesterday. So cute.

Could this be an *audition*? Yee! (Or maybe they'll do like I suggested to Mom yesterday, and make it the Keith and Rachel Show. [She was very much in agreement])

Somehow I've overlooked pundit and political icons. Must fix this.
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2007-12-30 12:42 am
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It seems Myfawny has gone on a bit of a pre-series vaycay.

Man in Washington blames car crash on pterodactyl.
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2007-08-15 12:45 am

(no subject)

Prevailing thought: Ow Ow ow ow ow!

Co herent entry after sleep
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2007-08-01 08:13 pm

Grandma's B-Day

My Grandma's 80th birthday is this month and we're planning a party. Grandma was afraid her BFF wouldn't be able to come so soon after her last visit, so Mom said she'd call and try to get something worked out.

And Grandma said "Tell her if she comes for my birthday, she's off the hook for my funeral."

*g* I love my Grandma.
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2007-07-25 06:58 pm
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In US news over the weekend

You would have been spammed with this yesterday, but LJ thwarted me.
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2007-07-25 04:52 pm
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I'm Finnished!

Grandma gets the book next, because Mom still hasn't read book 6.

No reaction yet, 'cause my head's still full. (Or I'm getting a migraine)
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2007-06-28 04:12 am

The Win plus the Lose comes put about even.

FTL: Yay! I'm caught up on my friends list! And it's only ... 4am.

FTW: I donated blood for the first time today! And it was only my fourth or fifth try!

I have a high pulse rate, and the blood donation people (it's 4am, I'm having trouble withe names and spelling and coordination) won't accept ypu if you have a HR above one-oh-something. The woman getting me registered took me through some breathing exercises andt got it to slow down. It was still too high for their parameters. She said, "Y'know, what, I think that's normal for you," and fudged it by 3 beats, qualifying me. They've got a pint of blood, I did fine (other than squeezing the stress-ball too hard and making my fingers go numb) and now all I have to do is go back to bed!
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2007-06-23 08:13 pm


Why are there so few torrents/seeds for todays Doctor Who and Confidential?

(One ep download is at 8h 50, the other is at 10hs; the Confidential is at 4 *days*)

... Or is it like this every week, and I'm just extra impatient today?

Want part 2! John Barrowman! John Simm! *taps foot*

ETA: 7h 46m, 6h 0m, 2 days

Yeah, it seems possible I'm just impatient.
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2007-05-25 03:51 pm

(no subject)

So apparently S60 was on last night.

Dude, I spent all day Thursday on the internet, and yet I was uninformed until today.

Way to fail FL, way to fail.

(I watched it on the NBC site.)

I miss Sports Night. ::heads to DVD cabinet::